I can’t think of a better reason to begin my blog than writing about fresh, farm-picked, Oregon STRAWBERRIES! Last night we walked on out to Sauvie Island and went to Kruger Farms where live music, hay rides, handmade, wood-fired pizza, local beer (Captured by Porches Brewing anyone?) and the sweetest, juiciest, most adorable little strawberries I’ve ever tasted were in full effect. Growing up in Montana you don’t get many berry picking experiences, so once we came to Portland, we quickly discovered the utter bliss of going out to the farm and hand-picking berries. Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, marionberries, blueberries – oh my! It’s not just the berry picking either, it’s the incredible taste – these strawberries literally tasted as if they had been dunked in a bowl of sugar. They were amazing. Am I getting the point across? AMAZING! And don’t be timid to try those little ones either – those tiny little berries pack a punch. I actually prefer them over the larger ones – their intense flavor is unexpected.

I was telling my husband last night – “I think picking berries is in my top ten things to do of all time!” This is true. If you haven’t been out to Sauvie Island – do so, please. The evenings are especially nice – sunset, warm air, berries – oh, life is good! You won’t be disappointed. It is so much more satisfying than buying berries at the store and a whole lot more affordable. I do recommend avoiding picking after serious rain, as some close friends and I found out – it is one heck of a muddy mess and the strawberries were muddy too. So, although you could pick them and put them in your basket, you couldn’t necessary eat the strawberries while you are picking, which is half the fun! I will say that we were three of about five people on the farm that day – we practically had the place to ourself.

After picking about 5 lbs. of berries we brought them home and cleaned them up. Half in the freezer – half saved for some lovely, delectable strawberry masterpiece to make tonight. To be continued…

Welcome to DULCE & brianna. Perhaps for my next post I will actually introduce myself (but you all know me anyway – and know that food is what I talk about, thus the reason for this blog)!